Firewall Pad

nerner333 3/26/01 10:14 pm

Anybody know of a source for the pad that goes inside against the firewall? I need one for my '48 pickup. Thanks, Brian

rjt250 4/3/01 10:53 pm

Brian, have you found a source for your firewall pad yet? I might have found someone. Try They sell firewall pads and they have a listing for 46-48 Crosleys. I'm going to check this out also, because I am going to need one myself. RJT

Jim_Bollman 4/4/01 10:51 pm

Brian, Please give us a product review on the pad after you get it. Even though they list it for 46-48, since it goes inside I would guess it would also fit 49-52 CD models. The same company has interior kits for 46-48 for $175. They don't say what is included. Has anyone tried it? Jim...

nerner333 4/21/01 10:12 pm

I received the new pad and have posted photos. It look good to me, but I have nothing to compare it to. The face of the pad is made of a thick, textured plastic material. The insulating material seems to be of good quality. As you can see in the photos, the slots and holes sem to be place well. I will know more when I install. I hope to have the time to install it sometime in the next 2 weeks. I will pass along my experience when that happens. Brian