Exhaust Back Pressure

Dual Exhaust

trainnut2 4/22/00 5:22 pm

Check out the photo "dual exhaust" I had a problem with my supercharged engine overheating, and I noticed the super high heat paint burned off my muffler. I drilled and tapped my muffler and installed a gauge. I had 7 lbs. of back pressure, that's a no no! I checked my F.O.R. and it had 4 lbs. You want 1 to 2 lbs at most. I put the dual tailpipes on the muffler and brought the F.O.R. down to 1.5lbs. I put the muffler back on the Hot Shot and still had 2.9 lbs. I then cut the muffler open and removed 2 of the 4 baffles. I ended up with 1.3lbs of back pressure. Now the engine revs up quicker, sounds much better, and no overheating anymore. Barry