Connecting Rods

Billet Connecting Rods

Crosley_AZ 12/6/00 8:03 pm

I chatted with an engine builder buddy of mine. He just built a 383 cid small block chevy for me. He says that we can get steel rods built for the same or a bit less money than the billet aluminum units you were talking about a couple of weeks ago. With steel rods you can avoid the "stretch" that you get with aluminum connecting rods. Just thought I would pass along this info. I may be interested in a set of rods. I have an idea for racing a Crosley engine. Not real soon, probably 2-3 years down the road...... Tony

speedoo51 12/7/00 8:31 pm

Mechart in SC that will make rods [billet aluminum] for about $125.00 each, but must get four at a time; or at the time I talked to him. Makes all sizes, from 5 hp Briggs to V-8's. These probably can be run with out bearing inserts [bored to crank size] as that's the way they are used in the Kohler and other 38 cu in v-twins in garden tractor pulling; I was told there is no problem because of full pressure oiling and HP can be 60 plus or better at as high as 8500 rpm. Narde in Italy made aluminum rods but they must be pretty non-exsistant by now. Seb.

Crosley_AZ 12/7/00 9:17 pm

The aluminum rods Barry was talking about were priced at $75.00 each, at like 3 sets (12 rods) if my memory serves me. I believe the price at 10 sets (40 rods) was near $60.00 each. I would think there may be a "set up fee" too.....I don't know for sure. I would prefer to run bearing inserts myself. We would need some bearings from Barry since he found a bearing with the correct "I D" for the Crosley cranks. The "O D" was larger which brought in the need for a new rod. I would think the billet rods would have lots more strength and rod bolts of late type design. My engine guy said the rods would look like Carrillo (sp?) rods. Not built by them tho. I cannot remember for sure, but it seems like Cunningham may have been the name. Re: Barry...billet connecting rods

h_mod 12/18/00 5:20 pm

Nardi made some, and I have an old set of unknown origin numbered oddly... instead of 1, 2, 3, 4 the rods have 1, 2, 9, 12. Were they from a Ferrari V-12?? Because of old aluminum's propensity to crystallization and dendritic oxidation, I may not bet a race engine on them. Rods are not the main problem. Bearings are. Anyone have a line on them? And, say, didn't someone have literature on the Randall block? Would sure like a copy. Thanks!

speedoo51 12/20/00 9:25 am

The rods in an engine are numbered after assembly. In the ford 427 high riser I built in early 70's I used lemans rods [factory high performance] and they came to me with number/letter combinations, what ever would keep them [caps & rods]together during manufacturing. Most were in double digit [27 was one] some had letters [xx & bb that I recall].


What is the Center to Center Measurement

tsrods 12/5/01 11:29 pm

What is the center to center measurement of the Crosley 4 cylinder connecting rod? Thanks T

chuckhk1941 12/6/01 11:41 am

If your after the center of the crank to center of piston pin-thats easy-2 1/4 inches-- the stroke of the engine.

Jim_Bollman 12/6/01 8:15 pm

Nice try Chuck but 2 1/4 inches would be the swing from top to bottom of a crank throw. I measured 4 1/4 inches center to center on a rod. I would not use the measurements to make a new rod since I did it with a yard stick. Do you need it closer than that? Jim...

chuckhk1941 12/6/01 9:51 pm

Your right Jim-bad part is that I measured a rod-must have been a short one. Chuck