Bearings (Engine)


chuckhk1941 1/31/00 7:36 pm

Question - are #2, 3, 4 mains With/Out oil hole the same as rod bearings?

trainnut2 1/31/00 9:19 pm

Same bearings Chuck



khoover098 2/24/00 3:02 am

For those of you asking about main bearings, I could not find any either. What I had to do was to have new babbit poured in the old bearings. My father also use to race hydroplanes in the early 60s with Crosley power plants. I used the same machine shop he used, to have the bearings redone. It was a little expensive but at least I have a good set of bearings. The cost to do the bearings was $180. I also had some other work done like new bushings in the pistons, deglazed cylinders and valve seat work. About $400 for the whole deal. Small price to pay to get another 49 Hot Shot on the road. Now I will be looking for a wire harness, anybody got any ideas where to round one up. Thanks Kenny

viper1941 2/24/00 6:55 pm

Now I may have my facts a little mixed up due to the fact that it has been many many moons...but as I recall the main bearings from either an older flathead ford ( like the old ford v/8 60) or from an older Renault 4 cylinder will work with just a Little modification.(i.e. a little fileing on the sides or redrilling of the oil hole) What, I don't really remember but maybe this is a start in the right direction('s hell to get old...the second thing to go is the memory........I've forgotten the first!) Please let me know if my idea was just a waste of your time or not. Viper

viper1941 2/24/00 7:04 pm

If you have a federal mogul number or can obtain the number from the back of the insert(some didn't have a number) than run, do not walk to your nearest airport,preferably a small one and ask one of the guys in parts or even a mechanic to cross the number over in his mil-spec book,manual,cd-rom or whatever. As Crosley engines were used in more that one military application including as an airplane powerplant( that's another story), and due to the fact that the military doesn't throw anything away or delete it from inventory ever...there is a good chance you will be lucky...or that you will hate me for the wild goose chase you went on...either way let me know. viper

tinyauto2 1/29/02 10:22 pm

Has there been any way to get new crank bearings for the Crosley? Last I knew, there were no known replacement. Thanks all! Kevin Golden.

Jim_Bollman 1/29/02 10:59 pm

These are suppose to be a current numbers for rod bearings. Thermo-King (1/8" narrower than original) Std - (22-1003); .010 - (22-1004); other sizes These have been used by several members without any reported problems. Jim...