Stuck Engine

backandbackagain – 8/30/06
Last Sunday after having worked on the carburetor, the Crosley was started and ran without any indication of trouble. All signs were normal. The Crosley was turned off and had what appeared to be a normal shut down. We felt that everything was fine. Two days later on Tuesday, tried to start the Crosley and the engine was locked up, would not turn over.
berard_m – 8/30/06
Sometimes those old starters will lock up. Its hard to believe you have an internal engine prob. Put the car in 3rd gear and vigorously push it backwards till the engine is free. Then try the starting procedure again. If my previous idea flunked. Pull the spark plugs out and see if the eng will turn. Might be liquid locked.
rreyer – 8/31/06
Put transmission in first gear, and rock the car back & forth lightly, to see if anything happens, once in a while,while a starter is engaging, it locks up, and everything locks up. Worth a try and it doesn't cost anything to try it.
Crosley19 – 8/31/06
Use high gear not first you will get more torque to break it loose.
backandbackagain – 8/30/06
You were right. Starter Malfunction caused the system to jam and not align.
Solution to place in gear and rock, right on. 
Car is running fine. I might add for future benefit that starter was not engaged when system was jammed.