Engine Initial Startup

sonofaseabee - 1/25/06
I am very close to starting my cd. The engine has not run for a long time. Is there any last minute advice from anyone that has been through this. The one question I have is what about unleaded gas? Should I use a fuel additive?
ealimke - 1/25/06
Did you take off the oil pan to clean the screen on the oil pump? If the engine has not been run as you said, most of the time it is plugged. Good luck. Keep the Crosley running.
kirkbrit - 1/26/06
I'd prime the whole biz by pulling the coil wire to see oil coming to the top end before firing.  I think you might pour a little oil into each cyl. as well.
CROSLEY19 - 1/26/06
Do you self a favor, pull the oil pan! Clean the pan. The oil has separated over the years and a lot of metal has fallen down into this hardened oil. When you start it even with fresh oil this will loosen up and go thru the pump and bearings. Pull the oil pump, clean it, and put a light coating of vasoline on the oil pump gears. Pull at least one rod bearing and plastigage it. You could do damage just starting it without cleaning and inspecting the oil pump.
Jim_Bollman - 1/31/06
The Crosley did not come with hardened valves seats so depending on how hard and how many miles you plan to put on your engine you may have  valve problems someday.  I haven't heard of any problems caused by unleaded.  Some people have had hardened seats installed, I ran gas additives for awhile and lately I dump a few ounces of Marvel Mystery Oil in the tank ever so often.  Not sure either helps but I only run about 500 miles a year and while I run it pretty hard it isn't like I'm racing it.