Wheel Wobble

nerner333 5/19/01 10:12 pm

I have been driving my "new" Crosley truck for about 3 weeks now. As I become more acclimated to the characteristics of driving a Crosley I have become a bit aggressive. Today I was cornering at a speed that some may consider a bit brisk. I hit a tiny irregularity in the road and the front end began wobbling wildly until I slowed (quickly) to 8 to 10 MPH. The wobble stopped and as I carefully accelerated, every thing seemed to be fine and normal. Anybody know what I experienced? Is this common, or are there some worn parts in my front end? Brian

crosley19 5/20/01 9:48 pm

The only time a straight axle will go into a wobble is if there is something loose in the steering that will allow the steering to modulate back and forth. Check your tie rod ends, and steering box for play. out of balance wheels can trigger that wobble also, but mostly a pot hole or roughness in the road. Barry