Troubleshooting (Chassis)

52 Crosley Super Sport Vibration

ashliegh_us 2/1/00 5:29 pm

we have a vibration in our 52' as far as we know it is mostly original. when we hit about 30-35 mph. It starts to vibrate. what can it be?

Jim_Bollman 2/1/00 8:36 pm

You'll have to be a little more descriptive. Could be a lot of things from bad motor mounts to king pins. Alignment to wheel balance. Universal to engine problems. Probably others. Jim...

ashliegh_us 2/3/00 8:24 pm

I had to ask Dad first. He said that the vibration is toward the front of the car. and that it doesn't stop when you push down the clutch I don't know if that will help or not. We bought the car about 5 or 6 years ago but havent had much time to work on it. but now dad does. and ideas? How fast are you supposed to be able to go with them?

speedoo51 2/3/00 9:57 pm

Balance ALL wheels, check front axle for worn parts, replace as necessary. Check/correct front end alignment. Check steering box and drag link for wear,correct and adjust. Check frame at steering box mounting for cracks. Top speed? Depending on state of tune; over 60 mph and probably closer to 70. Wouldn't stay there too long as engine is turning around 6300 rpm at 70 and the engine crankshafts have been known to break. Can probably do 55 without problems for a long, long time. Seb.

BUGGER5913 2/4/00 7:12 pm

Another thing you might want to check is the tires to see if there is a bubble in the tread, this would be caused by the plys separating from the cords, this could happen if the tires are the originals

ashliegh_us 2/11/00 8:31 am

Thanks for all the info. looks like DAD has a lot of work to do! Hopefully we can get it back on the road this spring! thanks again!