Shifter - Jumps Out of Gear

cosmicray48236 3/25/01 7:29 pm

Everything looks great inside the transmission or both forks jump out of position and the transmission is then locked when one tries to shift. Can anyone diagnose what is going on? There doesn't appear to be excessive wear on any part. Thanks

Jim_Bollman 3/25/01 8:39 pm

Sounds like the spring loaded poppets in the top of the transmission have been lost. The poppets go between the fork rails and keep them in place. Jim...

speedoo51 3/25/01 9:18 pm

Also cork plug at left rear of cover that held additional spring and detent ball [for 2-3 rail] probably fell out. Tap hole for 3/8ths-24. Blow out chips. Use set screw with lock nut to hold in spring and detent ball, both should be as close to 11/32nds dia. as possible with spring around 3/8ths long and pretty stout. Screw in set screw or bolt till snug then back off till 2-3 rail can move and lock with nut. Had 48 that needed this fix. Seb.

chuckhk1941 3/25/01 9:32 pm

The only other problem I've seen is the main shift rod wears on the base--or the top alignment pin is broke or missing allowing the shift lever to flop around. Chuck


Shifter - Gears Stuck

cd1949_moose 12/9/01 11:18 pm

Has anyone encountered a problem with the shifter and transmission where you get stuck in between gears. I have a CD 49 that I recently got stuck in first gear. I can't move the shifter into another gear it seems to be jammed and hence can't find any other gears. How involved / difficult of an undertaking is fixing this problem? Any advice?

wally_48329 12/10/01 8:20 pm

Drain trans, lift off the top then you can see the gears that are locked up. you then can usually pry the gears back to nutrol.sometimes you may need to replace the shift lever. or you may be lifting the lever up as you shift. on some cars this will cause the lever to come out of the shift shaft. wally

Jim_Bollman 12/10/01 9:24 pm

Wally gave you the procedure. The usual cause is worn parts. Either or both, the round disk shaped piece on the end of the shifter or the place where that part goes into shifting fork is worn allowing the shifter to pop out of the forks. If you can't find replacements, they can be built up and remachined but it will not be cheap to do it right, unless you can do it yourself. Jim...


Tranny Only Works in Neutral

rwright24127 Mar 18, 2002 8:02:39 PM

I only can get the little truck to move in neutral no other gear. Sounds strange but when I put the truck in a gear it stalls, in neutral the truck will go forward, Any suggestions?

Ron Wright

Jim_Bollman Mar 18, 2002 10:34:38

Ron, from your description it sounds like another case of bad or worn shifting forks and shifter ball (end of shifter stick). This can get you in a mode where you can only get neutral or 2 gears at once or 1 gear or multiple gears. The popets are probably missing or in the bottom of your trany at this point because once the shifter goes to far they pop out into the area that the shifting rods move in. Sometimes they push the pressed in plugs on the trany top out and you loose both on the ground.

I would take the top off the transmission and see what you find. With the top off you can move the gears around and see if anything else is wrong.

Best fix if the top needs rebuilding is to buy one of the new tops Dave Edwards sells. You can rebuild the top but you will have as much in the rebuild as you can buy one of his new ones.




dccrosley 7/22/01 3:25 pm

Does anyone have a fix for busted trans. poppets/springs that are in the control housing?What parts can I use,and where to get them?

Jim_Bollman 7/22/01 9:06 pm

A pair of poppets with spring is available from Service Motors for $5. I also had some made up a while back and sell them for the same price. You can also get by with a couple of ball bearing of the proper diameter and a spring from the hardware. The poppets from Service and me are not hardened like a bearing, so they wear instead of the more expensive shifting rails. That probably isn't much of a problem unless you drive a lot of miles. Jim...


Oil Leaks

cosmicray48236 11/4/01 8:15 pm

I am reconditioning a 47 that was not run for at least 25 years when I got it. The transmission had what looked like heavy syrup in the bottom. I opened it up cleaned it and replaced the rear bearing and finger. The gears all look good so I put in 1 pint of 80/90 oil. The oil if leaking out at about 1 teaspoon every 4 hours. It is coming out of the rear bearing. Have I overfilled the case ? There does not seem to be any kind of seal at either the front or the rear. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Skip

chuckhk1941 11/5/01 5:15 pm

they have no seals-try using a sealed bearing-plug the drain hole in the front shaft-solid solder will work- most important is the use of heavy gear oil-try to find the old style oil-it's much heaver than some of the new types-

dccrosley 11/5/01 5:49 pm

Check out "frequently asked questions" section on the national club site. Go to "transmission". You'll find specifics/part numbers to fix your problem with.

cosmicray48236 11/14/01 11:08 am

I removed transmission, replaced front bearing and replaced the fork assembly. I only removed the one shaft and thought I replaced all of the parts. Unit seemed fine on the bench. Have reinstalled tranny and engine in car. Now I cannot transmit rotation thru the tranny in either direction. It seems to be in permanent neutral. And yes I did check the forks position. Any suggestions as to what I am missing. Thanks. Skip

dccrosley 11/14/01 1:30 pm

Did you take the gears off the shaft? Make sure everything's on right. Make sure the forks are going into place on the gears when lowering the control housing into place;things can get misaligned easily. Inspect the shift rails&shift lever where it rides in the forks/rail for excessive wear;also the shift fork" pocket" on first/reverse fork wears. This lets the lever pop out of place and then you get nothing Good luck Dave Coudriet



Checking Oil Level

cosmicray48236 12/22/01

Is there any easy way to check the oil level in the transmission? Thanks. Skip

Jim_Bollman 12/22/01 10:51 pm

Take the pipe plug out of the side and stick your little finger in. The oil level should be even with the bottom edge of the hole. Jim...


Is It Crosley

jeremy_lasater 12/28/01 3:44 pm


I finally got the rebuilt clutch

back for my little Windolph B crawler, and the next step is to locate a good used Crosley transmission. The one I have would need to be completely rebuilt (most of the gears are badly pitted) so I thought it would be easier and faster to locate a used transmission. You can read up on my progress at if your interested.

bltlar 12/28/01 4:24 pm

Jeremy, It looks like a Crosley type tranny. Either Service Motors or Dave Edwards should be able to come up with a used one. Phone numbers & addresses on CAC page. Dave sells tranny tops separate. Don't know about Service Motors. Looks like you done good on top. Jim Bollman may have balls you asked about. Nice project. Keep us informed. GOOD web page too. Like many photos and written parts. Good luck. Larry

bobby82842 12/31/01 5:32 pm

Is the casting # on the side of the trans a T-92 if so then it is a Crosley trans, it's a 3 speed forward 1 reverse. The transmission new from Service Motors is $200.00+Core, A rebuilt one is $135.00+core. They also rebuild clutches,and transmissions for Crosley cars. Give them a call Bobby


Economy Garden Tractors

mpfettig 1/30/02 12:14 am

The same transmission was used in Economy garden tractors. The transmission in the tractor has no Synchro. Do you have to double clutch to up shift the Crosley, or was there some difference between the tractor and car trannies?

dccrosley 1/30/02 6:58 pm

Yep,car shifts the same. Dave.

speedoo51 1/30/02 8:49 pm

Waaaaaaaaaa-shift-crash-Waaaaaaaaaaaa-shift-crunch-WaaAaAAAaaa......However; double clutching when down-shifting; pretty smooth, at least for me!! Seb.


Who Made It

knisprof Nov 3, 2002 5:40:10 PM

At an old tractor and small engine show last week I was told that several small farm tractors such as the Farmall "Cub" and AC "G" used transmissions and/or rear ends made by Crosley. I am doubtful about this.

Does anyone know? Or know who made the gearboxes and rear ends used by Crosley? Thanks.

speedoo51 Nov 3, 2002 9:10:10 PM

Borg-Warner made the transmission and Spicer made the rear axle. I believe they were made specifically for the Crosley starting in 1939 and then were eventually used in other items over the years...Economy

Tractors used the trans [sometimes two] and rear for quite awhile [into the 60's] and Cushman [golf carts, utility vehicles] used the rear axles maybe into the 70's I think...These are just two examples;

I'm sure there was quite a few more but no prior use than Crosley..Seb.

bschulhof Nov 3, 2002 10:05:00 PM

Story was that the trans cost Crosley only $7


Synchro Transmission

crosley19 4/11/01 9:07 pm

The answer to your question...None, that are direct bolt in. If you want to install another trans then you either have to machine the tail end of the trans to take the enclosed drive shaft connector, and shorten the drives shaft assy. The other way is to put the MG, Austin 4 speed in with an adapter to fit the Crosley engine, and the drive shaft and rear from the same car, and adapt the brake lines, and e-brake cables to fit the Crosley. Barry