Shock Replacments

honda19682000 10/14/00 3:47 pm

Still no one has came up with std. old tubular shock absorbers for my 1950 Crosley sta. wag. ???? Bill

Crosley_AZ 10/14/00 4:41 pm

Well, here is what I did on my 51.

A pair of front shocks from a 69 Camaro. These are common shocks for many GM cars.

One end has a threaded stud, the bottom has a cross shaft with 2 bolt holes. I cut the cross shaft off on one side and pressed the remaining piece out of the rubber. This will allow the shock rubber to slip onto the round pin mount on the Crosley. the threaded stud fits fine on the top Crosley mount.

I do not know if your shock mounts are the same on the 50. I imagine they are close.

silkytwo_99 6/22/01 7:57 pm

In a 1994 issue of the West Coast Crosley Club Tin Block Times there was a story about shocks for the CD models. I called the 800 # and found they are still in business but have moved from Chicago to Colorado. The least expensive ones with 1 3/16" piston are $40 each if you order 4 pc order. These are shocks made by Monroe, Delco or Gabriel that they modify. I don't know if this takes into consideration the weight of the Crosley or not. The part numbers back then were 1357 front, 1358 rear. They also rebuild lever shocks and will make springs for Crosleys. VC models will require you to know compressed length and extended length. CC models can have Crosley part numbers 300851 & 300852 welded onto the frame to convert to tube shocks. A1 Shock Absorber Co, PO box 2028, Silverthorne , CO 80498. 800-344-1966 Mark Licenberg - Mike

Hotshot Shocks

khoover098 11/6/99 9:32 pm

I'm trying to find new shocks for my 49 Hot Shot. Does anyone know where I can find them or what is an acceptable replacement. I'm trying to do a complete restoration, also need a wiring harness

Bugger5913 11/6/99 11:28 pm

There are a couple of things you can try, 1 take your old shock if you have one to a parts store and match it up with a new one, or 2 look on CAC home page, there they have a parts interchange listing that should give you the NAPA part # Good luck Tom

crosleyss 11/7/99 2:08 am

Shock interchange for Super Sport or Hot Shot

Front Shocks

Monroe-Matic (1007) Delco (351-15)

Rear Shocks

Monroe-Matic (1014)
Monroe-Matic (1009)
Delco (351-15)

hopscreen 8/19/01 3:23 pm

Has anyone bought shocks for a Hotshot and written down the manufacturer name and number? The old number lists for equivalent shocks don't seem to work on modern numbers, and there isn't a parts man in existence who has a listing for Crosley in his parts computer. Service Motors has fronts, but no rears. If you have the numbers, please let me know.

stevie_22847 8/19/01 10:00 pm

Hi, I used VW shocks #31089 Monroe on the rear of my Hot Shot. My old ones was missing but I think they are close to org. travel. They fit vw beetle 53 - 68 rear and other model VW on the front. You will need to machine and old Crosley spring bushing sleeve (the metal sleeve) and press it in each end to bush it down to 3\8" hole. Good Luck!

tmkldwwj 8/20/01 3:28 pm

I needed rears also and I was told that NAPA would have them so I called my local NAPA with the Delco number off the parts list on the club page and they told me they have their equivalent in a NAPA shock. They are supposed to be in on Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.

crosmobill 8/22/01 1:24 am

I think you will find that the Napa shocks will be gas filled and are only single action ( not good for light Crosley) If you want the right oil filled shocks call shockfinders at 1-800-344-1966 & tell Mark what you want- it will cost about $ 45 .00 ea. & well worth it....Crosmobill

Shock Oil

MightyMite - 06/23/2002 1:02 PM
I am currently rebuilding a 47cc and have a leaky Delco shock that needs to be refilled.  Can anyone tell me what kind of oil would work well in this application?  My first inclination was to put hydraulic jack oil in it but I thought I better check first.

Bugger5913 - 07/1/2002 12:00 PM
I have used jack oil in my shocks and they are fine, another trick would be motor cycle shock oil that has an additive to help the seals. if your shock still leaks you may have to have it rebuilt, price is around $ 140.00.

crosleydc – 2/01/04

Check out
Apple Hydraulics, Inc.
1610 Middle Rd
Calverton, NY 11933
631-369-9515 (voice), 631-369-9516 (fax)
They rebuild those shocks and can recommend an oil for you. Some people use motorcycle fork oil.

crosleykid – 2/01/04

I just got a catalog from Kanter auto products.  They advertise Delco Type shock fluid for $10.00 for 11 ounces.

randy c– 2/01/04

Everybody nowadays wants to make a big profit from unsuspecting buyers. Shock fluid is just hydraulic oil. Any modern hydraulic jack oil will work just fine in the lever shocks. If you want to pay more - seek out the high priced fluids marketed as specialty substances and sold for premium prices.  If your shocks are not in good internal condition - high priced oils will not make any difference. There is no Rocket Science to lever shocks. They are one of the crudest designed pieces on the car.

ealimke – 2/01/04

The Houdailler shock uses a special fluid, know as Houdailler L-1404.  Substitutes will cause the unit to fail. page 39 in the Service manual also on page 40 Delco shock absorbers 1430 series.

crosleydc – 2/01/04

That was written 50 years ago. Motor oils were not even very good then.

bkwelch – 2/03/04

Here's Apple Hydraulics' reply to the question.

15 to 30 weight hydraulic jack oil (available in autoparts stores). Heavier oil makes shock stiffer, we use 15 wt after rebuilding them.

Rubber Bushing

flinttim – 8/23/06

1948 Delco arm shocks. How to get the bushings apart? Pin with cotter pin holding it together, looks like the pin is splined. I'm guessing that the affair has a tube inside the rubber that the pin goes thru as in the spring bushings and that all of it is likely rusted together. Maybe have to cut the pin in two with a saw and go from there?

CrosleyDC – 8/23/06

I had to tap that splined pin out. Some had thin sleeves in the rubber & others didn't (rusted away?) Yeah, they can get pretty crusty! The splines keep the pin from rotating.

flinttim – 8/23/06

I got them out. Helps if you can get something behind them while hammering. I used a deep well socket. I've torn the complete front end apart, cleaned and painted and replaced stuff as needed. Waiting on spring bushings for it to come in. Hoping the car rides a bit better after the work. The spring bushings were for the most part "gone".  Not good.
I took the covers off the shocks, brazed a nipple and cap on them, new gaskets, and refilled with jack fluid. Hard to say they needed new fluid but just taking the connecting links off they seem to have more "resistance" than before.

Bugger5913 – 8/25/06

I used a socket and a "C" clamp & pressed my pins out.

flinttim – 8/23/06

Got my new spring bushings in yesterday. I had the front all ready to put back together with the new bushings, but the back ones will have to wait till this coming week. BUT, what a difference in the ride! If you have a Crosley with old bushings, do yourself and the car a favor and put in some new ones. Cheap upgrade. Can't wait till I get the back ones in.