Fuel Tank Sender

dave51117 3/29/01 1:58 pm

My fuel gauge quit working. I stopped in at our local Antique/Classic Auto Parts Store to see if they, by chance, had a sender unit for my Super Sport. He said they didn't have anything that was specifically Crosley but a 1934 Ford sender was exact except for the bulb rod length. Does anyone know if this is accurate information?

crosley19 3/29/01 9:32 pm

Stewart Warner makes a universal gas gauge sender, that you adjust the rod length, and depth length. They make several ohm ratings. You want 0 to 90 ohms. Ford is a 60 to 240 ohm. These are available from almost any auto part stores that carry Stewart Warner gauges Barry

dave51117 3/30/01 3:51 pm

Thanks for the info. I had no idea there was any difference. I guess the guy I was talking to at our local Antique/Classic Auto Parts Store doesn't either. Have a great day Dave