Exhaust Systems


mrcooby 12/27/01 9:23 pm

I wanted to share with everyone what I did with the exhaust systems on my '42 CB-42 Liberty Sedan and my '47 CC-47 Sport Convertible. In my opinion, the original exhaust systems are far too restrictive. The original-style muffler and pipe was on the '42 at purchase in June, '81. I drove it like that until 1997, when the exhaust system finally began to go, and I replaced it with 11/2" pipe from the manifold back. The new "muffler" is a hollow resonator, with no packing, the smallest I could get. On the back I welded a chrome tip, aimed straight back, which looks great. And the performance increase is amazing! I took the rusty original '42 muffler apart; it was full of baffles. Too many baffles. The car was very quiet but the exhaust flow must have been very restricted. Had I known the difference, I would have done this right away. With my "invention" there is a loud exhaust rap when cold, not unlike a Harley. When it warms a bit, there's a sporty exhaust note, which sounds mellow and nice. I don't know why straight-through exhausts sound quieter when warm, but that's the reality of it. But I'm still thinking about new exhaust tips, like the ones I made for the '47. The '47 muffler was shot when I bought the car in '68, and Service Motors sold me a new one. It was obviously homemade, but done well. It was the same size but of VERY heavy-gauge steel and straight-through with steel packing, and the baffle was a tough metal mesh. Simple, but effective. Naturally it had a sporty rap to it. Nice, but I wanted it a tad quieter, especially under acceleration. So I bought two new replacement '60s-style chrome Volkswagen glasspacked exhaust tips (the pair were less than $11!), and spot-welded them together with a common inlet behind them. (I thought one tip alone might be too restrictive.) Well, that did it. My "racket-busters" took the high snarly rasp off the exhaust, though it really wasn't bad. But now it sounds like a sports car for not much money and with no serious modifications that can't be reversed. I also installed Splitfire spark plugs in the cars. There is a marked improvement in the '42's acceleration and top speed, but I hear that Splitfires have to be replaced more often. Whatever, make sure you stay with the factory spark gap. Hope these tips helped you. Lou


Crosley Muffler

Crosley_AZ 5/2/99 12:11 pm

Well I mounted a Harley Davidson muffler on my 51. It's the chrome angled noisy type. I left the MG muffler on too, so the 51 is actually quieter. I added the Harley muffler just for looks. It exits in front of the rear tire, kinda gives the 51 a *mean* look if that's possible. A friend deals in Harleys , so if some one needs a cheap muffler for any small car let me know. People spend 15 to 20k$ on a motorcycle and then add on 2 to 4k$ in extra stuff. The stock mufflers pile up and some of them are catalytic convertors too......Tony


Super Sports too loud!

iamrustless 2/19/02 8:40 pm

Well, the good news is both my wife and my dog like my new Super Sports (whew!) After crawling around under it, I see that I need an exhaust pipe from the header to the muffler. Also, something between the parking brake cables and the swinging arm on the frame is gone...no parking brake. Any cables and parts available? Any exhaust stuff out there? This is all new to me. Drove around town, sure saw a lot of swiveling smiling heads as I drove by! Thanks for any tips, Hal

tmkldwwj 2/20/02 5:40 am

Edward's Crosley Parts has the exhaust parts. You can get info under parts suppliers on this page. As you will see from my previous posting, he is great to deal with. You might ask him about the brake parts also.

iamrustless 2/20/02 8:32 pm

I talked to Dave at Edward's Crosley Parts today. Great guy to deal with! I look forward to quieting the Super Sports down a bit (and not breathing exhaust!). Thanks for the tip to check him out. Now if I can find parking brake cables etc.. Hal