Axle Removal

cosmicray48236 5/15/01 9:30 am

Can anyone give me a hint as to how to remove the rear axle shafts. I have removed the brake backing plates and have opened up the differential but cannot figure out how to get the shafts out to replace the bearings and seals. Thanks. Skip

ferrology 5/15/01 9:46 pm

I was talking about this same problem with my Toyota truck with an old mechanic who said the thing to do is hook a 6' long chain to the end of the axle. make sure you stand off to one side, and "snap" the chain repeatedly to jerk the axle out of the differential. No, I haven't tried it yet, and the guy had the nerve to die two weeks ago so he won't be helping me.

crosleyhotshot 5/16/01 12:48 pm

Well I just did this yesterday on my rear end. I tried an axle puller but it would not fit on the end so I proceeded to use a pair of vise grips and clamped them on. I then took a hammer and hit the vise grips and the shafts came right out without a problem. I have reassembled it and it is working great now.

crosley19 5/16/01 8:04 pm

Just put your hubs back on loosely,and run the nut on by hand. Then put the rim back on the hub, and just hit the back side of the tire with a sledge hammer, and out they come. you don't have to swing the sledge hard, the weight of the head hitting the tire will pop them out. Barry

bltlar 5/16/01 10:34 pm

My hammer puller has 5/8-16 threads on end. I use a nut that covers both the end of shaft and end of puller. A few whacks pulls the axle out. 1/2 of puller takes care of the inner seal. Larry