Wiring Harness

52 Pickup Wiring Harness

crosmobill 10/20/00 10:22 pm

Has anyone changed a complete 52 wiring harness? If so where did you get the new harness ? & how much did it cost? Would any of the suppliers have a used one ? If new is too costly. and last any

vc30323 10/20/00 11:45 pm

A bunch o' years back I installed a new harness in my Super Sports. I got it from Service Motors (back when Kap & Barb ran the company). It was pricey but beautifully made. Installation was simple. Highly recommended. I notice that the present Service Motors lists wiring harnesses -- "Call for price." I'd check 'em out @ (219) 664-3313. Jim H.

khoover098 10/21/00 8:31 am

I just ordered a harness for my 49 Hot Shot from YnZs Yesterdays parts. ynzyesterdaysparts.com The cost was $288.00 with a 6 to 8 week delivery time. Check out the site for more info. Ken Hoover

crosley19 10/21/00 5:48 pm

I just got one for my Hot Shot from Harnesses Unlimited in Wayne, Pa. It was $340.00 and is well worth it. I have built over 150 custom cars and street rods, and have installed many a harness. This harness is exactly like the original and fit perfectly! I paid $400+ for Ron Francis Harnesses, and that is the only other harness I would have considered using if I couldn't find an original style. Harnesses Unlimiteds # is 610-688-3998 Barry