Faster Wiper

johnniemann1999 2/13/00 5:04 pm

I have a 51 Crosley super sports that has had the windshield wiper motors rebuilt. how they move to fast to keep the blades on the windshield. anybody know how to slow them down?

chuckhk1941 2/13/00 5:37 pm

Many of the older cars--30'S &40'S had small adjustable needle valves in the system. My 35 Hudson has such a valve--works great. Look in Hemmings to find a supplier. Some of the motors had them added to the vac. line on the motor--this helped to park the blades. Hope this helps, CHUCK P/S this item should NOT be big $$$$.

chuckhk1941 2/15/00 10:02 pm

Adjustable needle valve---available at a store that sells fish tanks.


Rebuild Kits

spdbgy2000 9/9/01 3:55 pm

Anyone know where I can get the motors in my 47 rebuilt or a kit to do it my self? thanks Jason

tinyauto2 9/9/01 10:26 pm

Jason, I don't know, but what I read. That said I have read that GASLIGHT auto Part # A-17508-RK is the repair kit you need. This is supposed to be the same as a 42-47 Ford Pickup truck. I have Gaslight contact info as: 937-652-2145 Box 291, Urbana OH. 43078.

My brother has been into a set of vacuum wipers and he says just clean em up and grease em down and they will run fine if not cracked up. Good luck! Kevin Golden




crosleykid_47025 10/29/01 10:33 pm

Was a right windshield wiper an option? I have four Crosleys with only driver side wipers and the hole on the passenger side is plugged identical on all of them. Doug

mcriverbug 10/30/01 11:45 am

One of Crosleys selling points in their advertising is the fact that Crosleys had dual wipers, if one failed you could still see. John



cosmicray48236 11/23/01 6:47 pm

I am trying to put wipers in my '47CC. What direction do the vacuum inlet lines face? What is the correct park position for the blades? And lastly, I have three nearly identical motors. The hole in the shaft that connects to the blade of one of the motors is not in the same position as the other two. Did Trico make different versions of these motors or did Crosley use different versions? The problem with the hole position is that the blades are oriented differently depending on the position of the hole. Thanks for any help. Skip

rwright24127 11/24/01 5:19 am

The vacuum holes should face each other and the blades should run with the bottom of the windshield. The two different motors should be a left and a right. You have to be careful putting them in or you will break the control on the motors, I know this from the hard way. I will send picture if you would like. My E-mail is R. Wright@mail.tds.net Ron


Trico Wrench for Wiper Motor

bltlar 11/23/01 10:02 pm

Where can I get Trico tool to loosen screws on wiper motors?? Now use pliers, but someone said could buy screwdriver like tool. Will watch replies to your message for my 48 CC PU. We went through this for my VC a long time ago. Thank you all! Larry

cosmicray48236 11/25/01 10:09 am

I also used a pointed nose pliers to open them up. Skip

cosmicray48236 11/26/01 3:05 pm

Take an old screw driver that has a shaft diameter slightly larger than the Trico screws. Use a Dremel to cut off the blade leaving the shaft whole, and then use the Dremel to cut a groove in the end of the shaft to take the flat sides of the screw heads. Skip

bltlar 11/26/01 3:33 pm

Thank you Skip. Was trying to figure something complicated. Simple things are very difficult to figure out. Will do with a cheap screwdriver from a discount house. Won't cut Snap-On or Mac. HA HA Thanks again!! Larry


Wiper Arms

bltlar 3/18/00 1:56 pm

Have a 50 Hot Shot and need wiper arms and blades. Will any current blades work?? Like Jeep or ... The knurled motor ends are 1/2" dia. Thanks all for any info.

Jim_Bollman 3/18/00 9:17 pm

I'm sure they can be found but the easy way is just to order them from Service Motors or Edward's Crosley. They list arms for $6-7.50/each and blades $3-4.50/each. http://CrosleyAutoClub.com/PartsSuppliers.html


iamrustless 2/12/02 9:55 pm

My new-to-me Super Sports showed up with no wiper arms on it, and the rusty sedan nose I sold for $20 on eBay had great wiper arms on it.....but I didn't know I'd need them. Isn't that always the way? I could buy the nose back for $500 (it's on eBay now) but the wiper arms are gone :) I will be going through inspection as soon as I get the lights working, but will need wiper arms (and blades). If anyone knows of a source, I'd be happy to hear it. Thanks, Hal

Jim_Bollman 2/12/02 10:55 pm

Service Motors 219-664-3313


Arms $7.50
Blades $4.50



VC Wiper Motors

crosleys_ss Mar 25, 2002 4:43:56 AM

Are the windshield wiper motors for VCs different from CC-CDs? I noticed that the chrome spacer is different, and I wondered if there are any other differences?

stevie_22847 Mar 29, 2002 9:43:34 AM

The differences in the wiper motors are the shaft lengths. The vcs are longer and thus the shafts and both inner and outer spacers are longer and different from the ccs and cds. Otherwise the motors are the same other than the control rod may be a little longer on some.


backap1 Fri Mar 29, 2002 10:14:10 AM

Yes they are different. The shaft where the wiper attaches is longer. The motor itself is the same so you could replace the shafts. Also the knobs are longer and they push /pull instead of slide sideways to activate the wiper.