Paint for 47 pickup ??

G523601 5/5/99 2:15 pm

I am restoring my 47 roundside pickup it is red, and I would like to keep it as original as possible, but I am not sure what the exact color should be. Does anyone know what the paint code is, or even what the correct name for this color of red is? Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Jim_Bollman 5/5/99 9:20 pm

My records do not show red as being available in 1947 accept for the wheels. I wouldn't be to surprised if Crosley would paint a car any color the customer wanted for a price, but I can't document that. I would suggest you look in areas that might have been missed in a repainting to see if you can get a clue. You could also try scrapping a little of the red off carefully to see what is underneath. 46 and early 47s roundsides were either Blue Gray Poly or Sequoia Cream. If you pick a different color I'll see if I can help. Other wise pick a red you like and enjoy your roundside, one of my favorite models. Jim...


G523601 5/6/99 8:26 am

Thanks Jim, Sequoia cream it will be... I did see a few spots of a cream color under the hood but thought that was a primer. please email me at I have a couple more questions.


Lacquer or Enamel?

jonether2001 2/28/01 4:00 pm

Anybody know whether Crosley used lacquer or enamel paint on new cars? What type of paint do most people use for Crosley restoration?

PattW_98 2/28/01 6:51 pm

Well think original was enamel. I used acrylic enamel when I restored mine

chuckhk1941 2/28/01 8:49 pm

It's best to use acrylic enamel with hardener--lacquer tends to crack with body stress & and we all know how well Crosley frames are made.


Hub Cap Red

rwright24127 2/4/02 4:58 am

Does anyone know what Color red in the lettering in the hub cap. The restoration guide calls for chinese red. I went to three paint shops and got to look at 3 different reds. If someone knows an object, packaging/book/bottle/etc, that has the same color red I can get it matched. Thanks Ron Wright

bltlar 2/4/02 12:13 pm

I use "VERMILION RED' 1996-2002 FORD EXTERIOR CODE:M6470A. Sherwin Williams U7-42497. Don't know if this is the correct red, but it is red. Looks OK. Saw a car this past summer painted "1957 Ford Thunderbird Fire Mist Red" Looked near to my HS Red. Pretty. Larry

rwright24127 2/12/02 7:16 am

Thanks that helped a lot the color is close to one of the paint shops chinese red. I thought that I might have to beg and plead for an object or buy another hub cap( not in mama's budget ). Thanks Again Ron Wright