1946 Hood Ornament

klownskar 11/12/01 9:34 pm

Does anyone know what the correct plating was for a '46 hood ornament? chrome, nickel, or what?

Jim_Bollman 11/13/01 10:11 pm

The 46 didn't have a hood ornament.


1947 Hood Ornament

 mcriverbug 9/24/01 8:40 pm

Do the 47 pickup have a hood ornament?

Jim_Bollman 9/25/01 9:23 pm

The 47 pickup did not have a hood ornament.


Measurements for Ornament

48 hood measurement needed

mcriverbug 2/7/02 12:32 pm

Would someone please give me a measurement from the back underside of the hood to the center of the first hole or stud for the hood ornament. 

nerner333 2/11/02 8:16 pm

John: I looked under my '48 pickup hood. It has no ornament, but I see what looks like the remains of an old bolt. The measurement - 22 1/8" is from the back edge of the cross bracket to the bolt. 

crsoleykid 2/11/02 9:32 pm

John, I measured on my 47 and it has one 1/4" hole 23 13/16 inches from the back edge, on the top side. I have a spare hood that could be a 48 it has three holes starting from back edge on top, 3/8" hole at 24",a 1/8" hole at 24 1/2 ", another 3/8 " hole at 28 7/8". My 48 is covered up for the winter. Hope this helps out.