Hood Latch

'47 CC hood latch

cosmicray48236 12/16/01 11:56 am

Well, the '47 runs after 10 months and it is great. New problem arose when I went to reinstall the hood. I think I am missing some parts in the latch assembly. The service manual refers to 3 springs and I only have 2...the large coil spring in the hood itself and a smaller return spring on the latches. Is there a picture anyplace that shows how this is supposed to work? I will appreciate ant help. Skip

mcriverbug 12/16/01 3:01 pm

Does your hood close and lock? The highest point of the latch goes toward the front of the car,and it can be put in with the high part to the rear. Happened to me, - just a suggestion. John

cosmicray48236 12/17/01 1:21 pm

I have now determined that I am missing whatever is mounted on the flat plate on the body that the hood release cable attaches to. The split hood retainer fingers that are mounted beneath the plate are still there but I have nothing on top of the plate. Does anyone have a picture that they could send me? Thanks Skip

Jim_Bollman 12/18/01 1:13 pm

Here is a picture of the latch assembly for a CD model. I think it is the same on a CC. Hope this helps. Jim...