Head Lights

Change Over to Seal Beams

mcriverbug 9/24/01 8:40 pm

While on the subject of pickups; I have a 47 built in April, it has the bulb headlights and they work fine. When did they switch to sealed beam lights? 

Jim_Bollman 9/25/01 9:23 pm

The bulb type lamps were dropped at around CC-38693 which puts it in April of 1948 when they switched to seal beams, finally.


Need headlight Help!!!!!!

rwright24127 9/30/01 6:16 am

I went to NAPA for 2 head lights for the Crosley, they gave me 2 of them but they are to small. I can't seem to find any that fit properly, does anyone know were I can get the right size sealed headlight beams. Thanks Ron

crosley19 9/30/01 8:16 am

They must be really stupid kids at your NAPA. The # for the headlight is 6006. That # works at any auto store. Barry

rwright24127 9/30/01 9:10 am

Thanks for the help, but it seems I'm the stupid one. I went out to look at the thing one more time and noticed that one head light bucket is for a sealed beam and the other one isn't. By chance does anyone have a sealed beam bucket to sell or know of a replacement.

crosley19 9/30/01 7:34 pm

A sealed beam headlight should fit in your headlight bucket, no matter if it had a sealed beam or a Mazda (2 piece bulb and beam assy)headlight assy, unless it is something I don't know about. Barry

rwright24127 10/2/01 5:09 pm

Barry what the problem is, the headlight ring will not tighten down far enough to hold the headlight from moving. It seems to be a bigger bucket. The bucket fits in the fender but the outer measurement is larger, this lets the headlight set further in the bucket.

Dim Headlights

flinttim - 11/25/05
I have not drove my 48 at night yet and got to looking at the headlamps. Awful dim ! Further look showed that someone before me had put in 12 volt lamps. Yep they will work but very poorly. Anyone had luck finding 6 volt sealed beams local, say, Napa, or Farm and Fleet?
Jim_Bollman - 1/31/06
It has been a couple of years but I think you can walk into any auto parts supplier and if they don't have them in stock can get them in a day or so.  They are still made and should not be a problem finding. If you have the original wiring harness still in the car you will want to clean all the connectors in the the circuit.  A new harness, with new connectors will give fairly bright headlights.  Maybe not by todays standards but safe to drive at  reasonable speeds.  Check for voltage drops.
CrosleyMN - 11/25/05
I agree with Jim that a good parts store will have 6V sealed beam. I have found the "Farm Supply" stores usually have them, and also sell 6V halogen headlights. They will give your generator a workout, but you light up the road as well as any modern car.
williamsenechal - 11/26/05
I installed a headlight relay in order to get good brightness in my '47 & '49.  It made a big difference.