Gas Filler

Early Post War Pickup Filler

mcriverbug 9/24/01 8:40 pm

I have a 47 built in April, My pickup has the gas flapper filler door in the floor of the bed, I see pictures of side filler tubes, what years did they change? Thanks - John

Jim_Bollman 9/25/01 9:23 pm

The gas flapper in the floor was used on 46 and early 47 pickups, I would guess yours is toward the end of the run. Jim...


Gas Filler Grommets

G523601 5/7/99 4:53 am

I'm looking for the rubber grommet that goes around the gas filler tube where it exits the rear fender on the roundside body. Does anyone have one? know where I can get one? Or what will work there and still look good? How about the rubber grommet that goes around the door handle where it enters the door? Any help would be greatly appreciated. you can email me direct at: Crosley gas filler grommet 1947

BUGGER5913 5/9/99 2:54 pm

I don't have the grommets your looking for, however There is a place called Service Motors they sell Crosley parts and should have what your looking for. There Address is P.O. Box 116/8111 State Road 16. TWELVE MILE, IN. 46988 Good Luck Regards Tom

wavy48_99 5/19/00 8:27 pm

What type of gasket or seal was used around gas filler in floor of bed on my 48 p/u? I have a steel plate which was fastened to the floor and nothing else, HELP!

chuckhk1941 5/20/00 2:15 pm

I looked in Crosley parts book--It calls for (seal-filler neck to floor plate-rubber) it's almost the same as the top--but smaller part #206797 is used on top & bottom on some models.