ahotrod2001 7/22/01 8:52 pm

My 47 race car that I just purchased has no window regulators. Did this Wagon have roll-up windows? All information is accepted gratefully ! Glenn

Jim_Bollman 7/22/01 9:09 pm

Roll up windows were not offered till the 1950 Super models. If you can find a pair of the later doors they will fit your 47. Jim...


Door Handles

mcriverbug 11/19/01 8:54 am

My 47 PU has {T} shaped door handles. I found some NOS handles but they are {L} shaped. Are they from a different year or model?- Thanks-John

Jim_Bollman 3/02/02 6:59 pm

The T shaped handles were used on the CC units and the L on the CD models. Not sure if all CDs had the Ts but I have a very early CD with the L handle. Your 47 should be OK with the L shaped.

Door Rubber

spdbgy2000 - 6/15/2002
Anyone know how they install (on the door or on the car), and what has anyone used for glue to stick it on. thanks for any help.
Hawk10201 - 6/15/2002
All i have used is what is called yellow snot , it just weather strip  glue any local auto parts store carried it.
fwitham - 6/15/2002
The weather strip goes around the doors NOT on the car body!
ptv8347 - 6/15/2002
I've used 3-M Black Weather Stripping Cement. The nice thing I like about it over the "yellow snot" type is that if some squeezes out from under the weather strip it doesn't show as bad.