Hitekwarehouse 7/28/01 3:38 Am

Still need to know if front & rear bumpers are same on my 48, I have one rear & have located another, but will it fit the front?

rwright24127 7/28/01 7:01 am

I have a '50 pickup that has to different bumpers, The back has a place for the spare tire rack and the front doesn't. I would think other than that they should be the same.

phil39_2001 7/28/01 7:44 am

CC front and rear bumpers are the same except the rear has an attached bracket (riveted in I think)to hold the spare. Holes are the same, in front the center hole is used for the marker bracket. Phil

Bumper Guards

mcriverbug 11/29/01 6:18 pm

Why do some cars have 6 1/2 inch bumper guards and equally as many I find have 10 1/2 inch bumper guards. I need help on this one, which would be proper on my 47 PU built in April 47. -Thanks - John

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