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1951-52 Basketweave insert

Another style that has been seen.

Applying Vinyl Decals

HoosierCrosley – 4/21/06

I purchased the basket weave decal from Service Motors last year and I am getting ready to put it on my 51' super wagon. I was wondering if anybody out there has put it on their Crosley's? Is there any tips I should know before I put it on?? I put the dash decal on, and got a few wrinkles in it. I am a little gun shy on putting the basket weave on.
Should I just pay a professional too do the job???

Crosley19 – 4/21/06

You have to apply it with soapy water. Just 4 drops of dish washing liquid in about 1 gallon of water, wet the car and the sticky side of the decal, start at one corner and use a squeegee to remove to air bubbles as you lay it into place.

Drewbhelge – 4/21/06

I watched a 'pro' put a decal on the side of a truck - he used a spray bottle with some liquid soap in the water.  that allowed the decal to 'float'.  A squeegee was used to get the water/soap out from under the decal when he had it in place.

Eustisgary – 4/21/06

That should be a spray bottle of WATER with a few DROPS of dish washing detergent in it!

Richnkaren – 4/22/06

What I have to offer is merely a suggestion. In the past I have put on a number of large vehicle decals using the following method.
I got a small plastic spreader similar to what you use to apply bondo to a dent. I obtained a small spray bottle about a pint size. I put about a half teaspoon of liquid soap in it then filled the rest of the bottle with water. I laid my decal on the side of the vehicle and using a DRY ERASE marker, put a mark where I wanted my decal to be. If needed, I trimmed my decal slightly larger that where it was to go. Next I shook the spray bottle just enough to mix the soap & water then sprayed the entire area where the decal goes. Quickly then peel the backing and place the decal over the sprayed area and starting from one edge, smooth the deal to remove the air bubbles out and toward the outer edges of the decal. Generally this will rid you of the majority of air bubbles. Then once the decal has dried, you can use a razor blade or exacto knife to carefully trim the decal if needed. DO NOT do this when it is too warm, either inside or outside. The soap/water mix will dry too quickly and you will have to start over. Your other best option of course is to take the decal and car to a sign shop that does vinyl decals and have them apply it. If possible, try  a small piece on something for practice.

Crosley19 – 4/22/06

I have found you only need 4-5 drops of dish washing liquid to do the job, too much dish washing liquid takes too long for the adhesive to setup. I had put a set of decals on the doors of my tractor trailer years ago using a lot of soap as you, and a day later as I was traveling the interstate the wind peeled the decals off of my doors. Just my 2 cents worth.

JimBollman – 4/22/06

I had never heard of this approach for applying vinyl decals.  I was passing by the shop that made the vinyl  FarmOroad side decals I sell and stopped into ask.  He said that is how they put them on and that one drop of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle of water is all you need, along with a squeegee. He said  to much soap and the decal moves around to much while you are trying  to squeegee it out. The idea Rich gave of using a bondo applicator is excellent, since most of us don't need a window squeegee and the applicators are cheap like me.