Removing the Body

Shrnhn2 - 9/13/2004
Is the steering wheel shaft removable from the steering gear  without disassembling the steering gear box?  I have the steering wheel  & housing off already.  I am removing the steering wheel shaft so that I can remove the body.
bugger5913 9/20/2004
No it is not, you must remove the pit man arm, the side plate and with draw the worm sector, then you can remove the steering shaft.
tmkldwwj - 9/20/2004
When I did my Hotshot, I pulled the steering wheel off and removed all the bolts from the steering box and pulled it out from the bottom.  Of course, my engine was already out and the car was up on ramps.
Crosley19 - 9/20/2004
Removing the entire steering box, and pedal assemblies first is the proper way to remove your body. then you can lift the body straight up without having to wiggle around those obstacles.