Installing Parking/Taillight Lenses

garyemily – 4/19/06
I want to replace the aged and foggy parking light lenses on my '51 SS. Have the lenses from Service Motors but am not sure how to remove the black band/ring around the lenses.  I do not want to do something stupid and cause a problem. Does it just pry or pop off where the ring comes together?  Looks that way. Do you need to replace the rings when you install lenses?
crosley19 – 4/19/06
Very carefully take a screwdriver and bend back the rolled edge of the parking light housing to remove the lense. You can silicone the new lense in place with rerolling the edge back or carefully hammer the rolled edge back into shape.
JimBollman – 4/19/06
It is not a removable ring.  The lens is swaged in.  I was told  a while back, by the person that probably has put the most lights together, that you should just bust out the old lens (you going to  save it for some reason).  Carefully flare out the lip a little, and  sand down the edges of the new lens a little so you don't have to go  as far with the flaring, till it is a tight fit in the housing.  Take the lens back out and sandblast and paint, inside should be white, the housing.  Stop at your friendly glass shop and beg a piece of the rope like sealer they use for windshields (don't remember the name).  Break off a short piece and roll it in your hand to get a thin piece  and push it in to the all painted light housing, out close to the edge, and push in the lens firmly.  Don't put so much in that it  squeezes out around the lens.  You're done.  It will look like it is  crimped to most eyes and you don't have to take a chance breaking the  new lens and getting an even crimp.  I did my FOR this way and the  lenses are still in 6+ years later with no problems.