Welcome come on in and pull up a stool or a case of oil. Sit down beside the pot belly stove and listen in on the Crosley talk. If you want to join in on the talk or ask questions you will have to come to the real chat room at our Interactive Site on Thursday and Sunday nights at 10pm EST (Daylight Savings when in effect) or add a question or comment to the message board anytime (This is our second group, Yahoo lost our first one). What I have captured here are some of the better technical discussions over the last 6 plus years from both message boards. You will see a lot of opinions, just like any group of car nuts talking about how to work on cars. I have only edited out information that was out right wrong. If it was just a matter of opinion, or the answer isn’t clear, I left it in. Take the information you get here for what it is worth and use it at your own risk. I’ll be updating and adding material from time to time so stop back often.

You have to join the free online group to chat, post messages or add photos, but you can read all you want without joining.  The search tools on the message board will help you find information I haven't added to the garage yet.



If you have something to add to any of the discussions and want to eMail them to me directly I will consider adding it in.

Last modified: March 16, 2007.