1998 Crosley Nationals

Here are some of the odds and ends from the show and we love them all.

Very nice home built dozer

This CC Sedan came with a custom built trailer made from the rear of a Crosley wagon.


1 of 3 motorcycles modified with the 4 cyl CIBA engine that was off in a parking area.

This home built roadster pickup came with two tops, the second lets you go without the doors.

Very nice Sedan delivery pulling a coke vending bike-wagon behind on a trailer. Both restored like new.

Home built lawn tractor with front end loader.

Street Rod Crosley style; one of the nicest conversion I have seen for a while, with a Datsun 210 engine tucked under the hood.

Now this is a real woody.

Optimistic Super Sports sported wheely casters. The front had steerable fog lights.

Better plan to be in Wauseon, Ohio on July 9th and 10th 1999, don't miss another year.

Bring anything Crosley related car or otherwise, stock or rod, restored, original or basket case. Or just bring yourself.

You'll find a lot of friends at the Crosley Nationals.

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