1997 Crosley Nationals

We always have a few very strange, beautiful or novel variations on Crosleys.

You get to classify these where you think they fit. Crosley fans love anything Crosley.

1950 Custom flatbed a show regular. The owner has many mechanical modifications to make it more roadable since he drives it over 350 miles to the meet every year. This year he added air conditioning. It works great and only cost him 1 1/2 gallons more gas than last year without it.

4 cylinder Indian Motorcycle, extended with a Crosley engine

This was originally called "Shorty", his new owner has vanity plates that say "PHLUKE"

A Crosley Orchard Sprayer not yet unloaded for the show, this unusual Crosley was in the modified class

This 47 Crosley look like it was on steroids.

The owner pulled in on Friday, driving in from Alaska and had to leave early on Saturday. The owner built the car with help from his father, who was driving another street rod. They making a tour of shows in the lower 48 before heading back North.

The body had 20 inches added to the width and length and was dropped on an Escort chassis.

Custom Hotshot getting ready to pull over to the show field

1949 Darin Crosley, one of the very first fiberglass bodies made.

Midget Racer ready to compete in the race car class

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