1997 Crosley Nationals

Show Time

Friday night was enjoyed by all. Lots of good cookies.

Early risers were active in the flea market by 6:30 AM or so Saturday looking over the wares of 43 Crosley only vendors.

50 Hot Shot coming out, You saw this one through the trailer door on the Early Bird Page

This 1939 was one of only 2 prewars in the show, with 2 more ForSale in the flea market

Crofton Brawny Bug - Croftons were based on the FarmOroad but built in San Diego from 59-64, with a variant of the Crosley motor

This PreWar never got on loaded from this van, it was a no sale in the flea Market

FarmOroad with most of the known accessories, all attached or loaded. Some of the accessories shown was a snow plow, dirt plow, chopper mower, reel mower, rake, and cultivator.

Hotshot with after market grill and guard gorilla

FarmOroad rolling in

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