National Show Classes

Stock Classes 

Definition - These classes are strictly stock cars as they came from the Crosley factory or could have been prepared by a dealer.  Non Stock paint colors, changes from CoBra to CIBA, Braje and similar engine period correct add ons, sun visors, mirrors, interior color changes, upholstery style changes, seat variations, all within reason are allowable.  Items such as Braje or other grilles on VCs, Frenched headlights, body modifications, major engine variations (like big block upgrades or later engines in pre wars) and other major changes to the style and character of the vehicle will place the vehicle in a modified class.  Documented prototypes of vehicles will be allowed in the class of the vehicle (ie the CRAD can be shown in the prewar class). 

PREWAR - Standard prewar 2 cylinder vehicles in any body style that came from the Crosley Factory

CC - 1946-48 Sedans, Wagons, Convertibles, SUVs

CD - 1949-52 Sedans, Wagons, Convertibles

VC - 1949-52 Hotshots and Super Sports

FOR - 1950-52 Farm O Roads in various configurations as made by the Crosley Factory

Commercial - 1946-52 Pickups and Sedan Deliveries as they came from the Factory.  Minor modifications that put the vehicle in working “ configuration are allowed ie lettering, storage, etc .  Major mods like pickups made into tow trucks, cargo, or extended haulers are modified unless period documentation can be provided.   

Special Bodied - Bodies of all types built in quantity (or intended to be built in quantity such as Panda) by other commercial entities using Crosley based engines, drive trains, bodies etc.  Crofton, Devin, Sabre, Scorpion, Overland Fire Engines, Harman and Fly Fire Engines are typical examples.

Non Stock Classes

These vehicles are exempt from the rules stated for stock classes.  These vehicles will use major Crosley components in their construction such as engines or bodies.  A vehicle with say only a Crosley transmission  (first of all because the transmission wasnt made by Crosley) or only one or 2 minor Crosley components  such as lights or seats  would not be included.

Modified - Vehicles that are basically Crosley factory cars but have been modified beyond the allowances of stock classes.  Any questions will be decided by the Meet Chairman or his designated field captains. Their decisions will be final.

Race - Vehicles used for racing of any type from all builders and models

Hot Rod -  Vehicles with highly modified bodies and/or drive trains  including Rat Rods” 

Other Classes

Automobile Related - Engines, transmissions, parts displays, auto literature displays and the like. 

Non Automotive - All non auto Crosley related displays such as appliances , radio, history etc.

Picture - Crosley Auto related pictures.  Can be pictures of a single auto for someone who is unable to bring their car, historical pictures of Crosleys etc.

Winners Circle - To promote both new vehicles to be entered in classes and prevent the same people from winning perennially, the winners circle class was created.  Once a car wins in a class, it can not be entered in that class for 3 years.  In order to encourage these cars to come to the show, those cars are to be entered in the Winners circle class.  All cars in this class are recognized every year.  Winners circle cars are not excluded from voting for favorite exhibit in the show.

Most Original Car -  Awarded to the most original car in the show voted by participants

Favorite Exhibit - Awarded to the favorite exhibit voted by participants.

Additional awards can be presented at the banquet at the discretion of the meet director such as Long Distance Driven, Long Distance Trailered, Hard Luck award etc.