2019 Saturday

2019 Saturday
Saturday is Show Time - First up was getting your photo taken for use in the Quarterly and everyone started lining up early so there was a long line. The last day of our biggest meet ever was busy with the car show, flea market, last chances on the silent auction and everything else. We had a visit from WNHO TV26, they shot lots of video an interviewed President Dave, Meet Coordinator Al Calvin, our Youth Project Mechanics and one our members that owns a unique Crosley made for President Eisenhower. They have a special weekly show on whats going on in he area and we got a half hour segment, Here is the YouTube Link. The week was finished up with our annual Memorial Picnic, to remember past members.

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Long line for photos before going on the field

Cars started lining up about 45 minutes before the opening time

Our Club Store proprietors waiting  for the next customer. Since taking over the store duties they have expanded the inventory and added some special items for the anniversary.

Registration remained busy

Still a few bargains at the Trading Post

The Silent Auction was huge this year

A first for our meet, 5 of the 7 Presidents of CAC were in attendance including John Aibel the founder of the club.

Some of the Non-Automotive Class

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Photo Class

The first place trophy from the first CAC Meet in 1970. It was by Jim Batsford with his 49 Wagon
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Service Motors

Smith Tire
2019Saturday-20.JPG 2019Saturday-21.JPG

2019Saturday-22.JPG 2019Saturday-23.JPG 2019Saturday-24.JPG

This custom was made by a MN dealer in the late 40s early 50s

It found a new home at the Nationals

Even though it looks nice the new owner plans to do some work on it and paint it back to it's original color.

Yankee Crosley

A rolling history museum (when not hauling a car

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