2019 Thursday

2019 Thursday
On Thursday activities start ramping up with a Ladies Breakfast with the first Lady, then Kids Craft time. In the afternoon the Fulton Manor Nursing Home Cruise and FARMO Bingo for everyone that need to sit for a bit in the AC. The evening was filled with the Keystone Region Road Rally with 58 cars this year, a new record and closing out the day with a campfire and telling stories about past meets and members. Good conversation rides and fun all day long.

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First Lady Deb welcoming all the Ladies to Breakfast, a new event.
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First of two craft times for kids


On our way to Fulton Manor for a show and tell for the residents.
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We had a nice showing of years and models
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We even had 3 PreWars on the Cruise this year
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Some like the compact version of the Crosley

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Real nice 47 Pickup with CoBra engine

Yankee Garage continued to do repairs

Just waiting for Dave
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No the Crosley doesn't need that much water, weights for Canopy when filled.
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Letter To Tim Freshley from John Aibel welcoming him to the club in 1970, member number 200 and a recite from Service Motors from 1971. He bought a hood ornament, service manual and parts book for $9.75.

The Friday Embroidery Mall going up.

A favorite parking area when they are not BBQing Chickens

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