2019 Early Birds

Early Birds started rolling in the week before the meet. By Saturday there were a couple of dozen people already moved into the fairgrounds and a few at the local motels. Early Bird photos start on Monday which has become the official first day of the Crosley gathering. Thursday through Saturday will still be the big days if you can't spend a week, but the meet has expanded to 6 days. This year it started with a potluck Supper with President Dave and first Lady Deb. Tuesday was the Cruise in Downtown Wauseon and Wednesday was a short 8+ mile drive for Breakfast and a trip to Sauder Village Living History Museum and Farm in the afternoon. The Yankee Crosley Garage was in full swing starting on Sunday and was repairing Crosley most of the week. Many of us just hung around the fairgrounds talking and giving rides. Thanks to Kelly Gladden for sharing her photos so I could fill in some gaps.

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Gathering for the picnic.
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Deb & Dave greeting the 50 or so guests.
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Note the parking lot at the picnic
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Yankee Garage, hard at work on Monday repairing

Giving rides and having fun

Home for the week, a short commute
Duels and only firing on 8 cylinders


Hot Stuff

Mobile Garages

2019EarlyBirds-16.JPG 2019EarlyBirds-17.JPG 2019EarlyBirds-18.JPG

Going to the Cruise
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Good turn out for the cruise
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Some stopped at Tiny's after the cruise and caught them changing the sign for the Thursday night Rally

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