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More CD Class

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When you wind the key on top it turns this part here :-)

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A spare is always nice to have

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FarmOroad Class

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V8 Crosley Doodle Bug Demonstration


Paul giving his best gal a ride


You called for a tow?

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President Dave, heading up the Annual Meeting


Youth Projects in que for viewing by membership


Finished Youth Project number two with the owner mechanic (Jackson) telling us a bit about the project. His mentor and proud grandfather watching


Youth Project number two being presented to the latest Youth Mechanic (Ben) by the owner/creator that donated the project to the club

Our First Youth Mechanic Lizzy presenting her mentor/grandfather a special award, supplied by one of our Crosley Vendors for helping promote Crosleys to the youth. Lizzy couldn't bring her finished car this year but promises it will be back for next years meet.


Memorial Picnic


We take this last gathering of the members for the year to remember those Crosley members that have past.

We lost Deane Sherman earlier this year. The club bought a memorial bench to honor all his work for the club, the meet and members over so many years. His daughter and her family brought two of his cars to display this year in his memory. The bench was on display in the camping spot where he held court for many years and was moved to the headquarters building after the show where it will be used in front to go with the one the club bough some years back to thank the fairground board for their support over the  years


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