2017 Thursday

Always time to get out of the sun for some Farmo (bingo) with Debbie, then off to Tiny's for ice cream. Here is a video of the rally cars leaving the fairgrounds, it is about 11MB long, so if you have a slow link or pay as you go,  you may want to skip.

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2017 Thursday

President Dave calling Farmo numbers while Deb keeps an eye out for winners
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Such concentration
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Crosley's become everyday transportation while at the Nationals.

Parkway Delivery
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Line up starting for the Keystone region's road rally to Tiny’s Dairy Barn. Each participant got a plaque and everyone got a bottle of cold water.

They had around 35 cars this year with a few breakdowns.

Our Junior Mechanic and his mentor in the Youth Build

Some locals that came for the start of the parade

Police escort the whole way with all intersections blocked for safe passage.
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Now does that count as 1 or 2 participants. Watch out Duane your Dad looks like he is going to pass you.
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Ok who knows the way back.

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