2015 Saturday

Show time - was a beautiful day in NE Ohio for a Crosley gathering. Members were up and moving around pretty early and the buzz of Crosley engines woke up any late sleepers in campers. Cars were asked to stop for a photo before parking on the field, most did.  The Spot Light class was Special Bodies, the true definition for cars in that class was a little blurred by owners and the front desk, so I'm not sure how many we really had. Cars on the field were down some at 74 but that didn't count a lot of cars that were parked around the grounds and those to busy driving around having fun to park for a few hours for the show. Also didn't count a fair number of Crosleys for sale on the grounds this year. Show was a great success with our annual meeting at 3 where Dave was re-elected president along with other club business, see Fall Quarterly for full report. We ended the meet with a great feast at our banquet.

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Just clowning around

Paul Gorrell and his wife out for a morning drive

Always helpful members ready to lend a hand or two

Photos before going on field

One of several Crosleys for sale this year

Ohio Region

Keystone Region

Trading Post almost sold out this year by Saturday

Silent Auction

Gorrell Prototype Exhibit

Front desk open for business

Craft Flea Market

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