2015 Friday

Friday was dry with the potential for a great day and it was.  The Fleas were a little slow getting opened up, but when they did there was a steady flow of customers with lots of parts changing hands. Crosleys continue to arrive so there was always something new to look at. With the clearing skies many Crosley that had been tucked away in trailers showed themselves and the fairground was a buzz with Crosleys. The games were a big hit again this year with lots of participants and spectators. The Keystone Regions Road Rally to Tiny’s Dairy Barn had 42 participants by my count and I didn't hear of any problems this year. Day ended with our open gab session with free cookies and punch. 

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Even on Friday morning there was time for the roving mechanics to fix one more car, this time a Chevy engine that was hiding in a Crosley

Interesting boat drive

Lots of interesting Non-Auto Related

Crew hard at work at registration

Looks like a drag race to me

No contest even for a Crosley that was almost double the weight

The rain shrunk my Jeep


Love the smell of diesel in the morning

Mighty Mouse

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