2015 Thursday

After an all night rain the fairgrounds was pretty wet, including the flea market that was wet before was now a pond and the show field had some standing water. Thursday is a low key day anyway but it got even lower key with most everyone slow to get their cars out and staying close to shelter.  The road trip to the nursing home was canceled, by the nursing home but we were close to calling anyway because of damp cool weather. As the day progressed, things started to drain and dry and things were looking more promising for the rest of the show.

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View outside our camper, the close pond is over a drain that could not  keep up as is the pond in the flea market further out in the picture.

Secondary pond in flea market and some brave members out to see what is going on.

Cars were stashed where ever shelter could be found for those without enclosed trailers.

One high light was the Gorrell collection of prototypes that were set up on Wednesday evening in the main building.

This spectacular collection gave us lots to do on a dreary day

Tractor 1 of 3 prototypes all different

1937 CRAD Prototype of all Crosleys to come (Crosley Radio Automobile Division)

Staff Car 1 of 1 as far as we know

Pup one of 36 made


3 Wheel Motorcycle

2 wheel Motorcycle

Snow Tractor

Articulated 4WD Tractor

As the day progressed trailers opened

A few even braved the weather

Yankee opened up their extra space for a few more cars to stay dry.

A couple of big rigs showed up, the one on the left is Service Motors from Nevada.  The bottom was full of parts the top a restored roadster they were delivering.

The other big rig usually hauls tractors for the owner but was the right high for his latest creation.

All wood cars need a wood steering wheel

This all hand built Bucket T was started after last years meet and finished a few weeks before this years.

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