2015 Early Birds

The early birds were greeted with mixed weather and predictions for the week, but the faithful are just that. I pulled in for the week till Tuesday morning but dropped my car trailer on Monday and there was a good number of Crosleys and campers already in attendance. I heard one member showed up on Sunday. Thanks to Jon Dahl and Steve Miller for sharing pictures to fill in some holes in my set.

BYOG - Bring Your Own Garage was the order of the day and came in variety of forms.

Was apparently the year of the specialty trailer, several were seen through the week

You needed to look in any open door to see the early birds, a lot of them didn't show their face to early.

A sight you see if you come early, a roving gang of Crosley mechanics looking for something to fix.

1st Lady Debbie didn't really want her fresh out of the barn 1950 Super Sports started, since it had not been started for over 40 years and made it very  fresh.

That didn't stop The Gang - new points, a different carb, a temporary lawn mower gas tank and it was running and being driven around.

That is Lady Debbie behind the fellow in the red hat giving her input on the process.

Some rain did fall

Some were in disuse

Members tried to stay dry

The Gorrell Family rolled in with a not very well kept secret on Wednesday afternoon, they brought 9 prototype Crosley for a special display in the main building. 8 on one trailer and the CRAD in another.

The Crosley Mule was shown in it's unrestored, non running form a couple of years ago

Now restored and operational, it put on a show all week

That ends the Early Bird Days

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